Vapor capture

Vapor capture

July 31, 2018

Japan Tobacco Inc. is aiming to capture 40 percent of what it refers to as Japan’s T-vapor market by the end of 2020.

The T-vapor (tobacco vapor) category, which is otherwise known as the heat-not-burn or heating-tobacco category, is subdivided, among other ways, according to the method of heating the tobacco contained in the consumable units of the various devices on offer.

JT’s Ploom TECH is described as a tobacco-infused vapor product with low-temperature heating technology unique to JT. ‘The technology, which does not involve combustion or direct heating of tobacco, enables Ploom TECH to offer a clear taste with no smoke, smoke smell or ash and no negative impact on the surrounding air quality,’ the company said in a press note issued today.

‘Since the expansion of Ploom TECH’s sales area to nationwide in June 2018, the total sales volume of the device has reached more than four million units as of July 2018.’

JT said it had been receiving positive consumer feedback, including references to the device’s producing “no smoke smell” and being “easy to use”.

Meanwhile, the company said that it intended to take 40 percent of the T-vapor market by providing ‘a wider range of choices that satisfy the varying needs of consumers’.

And to this end it announced today that it would be launching a tobacco capsule with a new flavor, MEVIUS Mix Green Cooler for Ploom TECH.

‘MEVIUS Mix Green Cooler for Ploom TECH is one of JT’s menthol products, which has a flavor that reminds consumers of a mixture of European and Asian pear, with 100 percent natural menthol,’ the note said. ‘These features offer a rich and pleasant taste.’

The new-flavor capsules are due to be made available gradually in convenience stores across the country and selected tobacco retail stores from September 3.

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