Vaping saves money

Vaping saves money

January 7, 2019

Smokers in New Zealand can now improve their physical and financial health considerably by switching to vaping.

According to a story in The Bay of Plenty Times, a January 1 tax increase was at least partially responsible for taking the retail price of a pack of 20 cigarettes to more than NZ$20, and in the case of some brands to more than NZ$25.

The excise tax increase behind the price rise is part of a series of annual increases, the last of which is due to be imposed on January 1, 2020.

In the face of the latest price hike, many smokers are switching to vaping as a cheaper option or because of the associated health benefits.

Shosha [a large retail group offering, among other items, vaping devices and e-liquids] vaping store manager Harinder Singh said more people were switching to vaping than ever due to the huge financial savings and health benefits. Most vapers, he said, could expect to pay NZ$60 a week less than they were paying as smokers.

Meanwhile, Mihi Blair of Hapai Te Hauora Maori Public Health said the organization was urging smokers, particularly wahine, to vape as a way of kicking the habit. “Whanau who are wanting to learn more about vaping or going smoke-free should contact Quitline,” Blair said.

Quitline was expecting an influx of calls and texts from people seeking support this month because such people often said their key motivation was to save money, according to Quitline’s communication manager Calvin Cochran.

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