Vaping evidence highlighted

Vaping evidence highlighted

September 25, 2018

An Irish member of the EU Parliament has asked the Commission whether it will be taking account of the contents of a UK parliamentary report and a letter signed by four academics – both of which come out in favor of vaping – when the Commission produces its implementation report on the Tobacco Products Directive.

In a preamble to his questions, Luke Ming Flanagan thanked the Commission for its answer to his previous question on vaping and the Tobacco Products Directive (E-002293/2018).

Rodney Jerabek

Flanagan then asked, with reference to the Commission’s statement that it continuously monitored developments, whether it was aware of the recent all-party UK House of Commons Science and Technology Committee report that was published on August 17 and that came out strongly in favor of vaping.

He asked also; was the Commission aware of the submission to the World Health Organization of a letter signed by four top academics, again outlining, in great detail, the case in favor of vaping.

And he asked whether the Commission could confirm that it would now take those reports into consideration in the implementation report it was required to submit in 2021, in line with Article 28(1) of the directive.

The Commission is due to reply in writing.

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