Swisher sets up vapor business

Swisher sets up vapor business

February 24, 2015

Swisher International is creating a new company, E-Alternative Solutions (EAS) to develop, market and distribute for the rapidly growing vapor market. Swisher’s senior vice president for sales and marketing will serve as the CEO of EAS.

“We have been carefully reviewing the e-cigarette space for a while through market research, customer feedback and in-depth reviews of the technological landscape,” says Miller. “Thanks to Swisher International’s world-class capabilities in combination with the best-in-class team we are assembling to lead EAS, we have the ambition to become a market leader in the evolving e-alternative category—just as Swisher has in the tobacco market for over 150 years.”

Jacopo D’Alessandris will serve as EAS president. D’Alessandris has almost 20 years of marketing and general management experience in consumer-packaged and electronics-goods products. Most recently he served as chief marketing officer for the consumer division of Philips North America. Prior to joining Philips in 2006, D’Alessandris was a global executive at L’Oreal for 10 years in various leadership roles in Europe and Latin America.

“I am excited to join the Swisher family to lead its sister company EAS,” said D’Alessandris. “The e-cigarette and vapor space has been growing rapidly but is still in its infancy. Breakthrough technology and innovative marketing, coupled with Swisher’s expertise in the tobacco space will be the key ingredients I will focus on to build EAS’ success.”

Initially, EAS will offer two proprietary liquid vapor product lines. The products are currently being tested in select markets and sold online. These liquids, which are used in electronic vapor devices, are manufactured in the U.S. using high-quality ingredients and the highest levels of quality control, according to EAS.

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