Sales of e-cigarettes astounding

Sales of e-cigarettes astounding

July 1, 2016

A retailer in Northland, New Zealand, has been “astounded” by the growth in sales of electronic cigarettes since tobacco prices increased by 10 percent on January 1, according to a story in the New Zealand Herald.

The retailer, who spoke anonymously, described the cigarette substitutes as “the best thing I’ve ever sold”.

“I’m astounded at how many people are buying them, and at how many people are giving up smoking using them,” the retailer said. “It’s a quiet little revolution.”

Credit: Auckland Tourism, New Zealand

Credit: Auckland Tourism, New Zealand

Newlove quoted too Holly Bognar, who said she had smoked for most of her life from about the age of 13, apart from when she was pregnant.

“I’d always gone back to it,” the 38-year-old said.

“I was heavily smoking until four months ago and now I don’t at all, not even when I drink alcohol, I’ve transitioned to e-cigarettes.”

Bognar described how electronic cigarettes were less expensive than were traditional cigarettes, after the initial outlay for a device, which, in her case, was about $65. E-liquid, which lasted a couple of weeks retailed for about $10, whereas 30 g of tobacco, which lasted for about five days, retailed at $55.

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