Real Cost campaign unreal

Real Cost campaign unreal

November 20, 2017

The US Food and Drug Administration is expanding its ‘Real Cost’ propaganda campaign to include attacks on vaping, according to a story by Dr. Carl L. Phillips for the Daily Vaper.

That campaign currently consisted of anti-scientific attacks on smoking and smokeless-tobacco use, targeting teenagers with gory images and misleading claims, Philipps said.phillips

While vaping was a tougher target for such propaganda, it was expected that the FDA would continue with this approach.

Phillips reported that the FDA had disclosed one preview of the anti-vaping campaign.

The introduction inaccurately described the ‘Real Cost’ campaign as ‘educational’ and announced that, ‘The campaign is now expanding its focus on [sic] the dangers of vaping’.

It appeared that the FDA would, predictably, be focusing on nicotine. The introduction went on to assert, ‘We will show teens how nicotine can reprogram their brains, causing them to crave more and more’.

“The dishonesty would be astonishing to anyone not already familiar with US government anti-tobacco propaganda,” Phillips said.

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