Pax Labs launches Pax 2

Pax Labs launches Pax 2

March 10, 2015

paxPax Labs, a San Francisco, California, USA-based company that develops alternatives to traditional cigarettes, today announced the launch of its most innovative product yet: the Pax 2.

Geared toward consumers on the go, the product is 25 percent smaller than the original Pax, making it the most pocketable loose-leaf vaporizer on the market, according to Pax Labs developers. Pax 2 also boasts up to 30 percent longer battery life than its predecessor and heats loose-leaf material in as few as 45 seconds. Because the product heats material rather than burning it, no combustion occurs in the process. Instead, Pax 2 releases active ingredients and natural oils into a vapor, eliminating the emission of secondhand smoke that accompanies combustible cigarettes.

The Pax 2 features lip-sensing technology that adjusts the device’s temperature automatically during use. This prevents the unnecessary heating of material and provides more consistent draws. Additional Pax 2 features include auto-cooling, four temperature settings, a user-friendly interface, AC and USB charging options, two interchangeable mouthpieces, a steamlined profile and enhanced LED communication interface, as well as a 10-year warranty.

The original Pax was introduced more than two years ago and has sold more than half a million devices. Since its introduction, Pax developers have combined advanced technology with a knowledge of consumer needs to create the Pax 2, which company co-founder James Monsees deems “the most intelligent, premium and highest-performing vaporizer on the market.”

The Pax 2—which comes in such colors as charcoal, platinum, flare and topaz—retails for $279.99 at select stores across the United States and is also available online at

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