Optimum opportunity for Giant Vapes

Optimum opportunity for Giant Vapes

May 15, 2018

Optimum Vapor Products has joined Giant Vapes. Optimum’s Smart Auto-matching Technology will now be offered through Giant’s online vapor marketplace.

Giant Vapes and owner Mike Runshe have “a stellar reputation in the industry as they carefully curate every product they bring in,” according to a press release. “Giant Vapes has built their business with the best interests of the vaping community in mind and we are proud to join this great companies line of quality products,” the release states.

Mark Anton, owner of Optimum, says meeting and working with Runshe has given him insights into Runshe’s dedication and commitment to offering the highest quality vaping products to his customers “I am extremely please he choose to work with us in such a dynamic way. We look forward to working with Mike and his staff to share our vapor line.,” Anton states in the release.


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