No time for e-cigarettes

No time for e-cigarettes

January 16, 2018

The New Zealand government is being accused of dragging its feet over legalizing nicotine-containing vapor products, according to a story by Fergus Mason for

In March, the government announced that it planned to end a ban on nicotine liquids and embrace electronic cigarettes as part of its tobacco-free plans.

A consultation was launched in August but, in September, a new government was elected, and it seems less enthusiastic about vaping than was the previous government.

Meanwhile, the country is facing an epidemic of violent robberies at convenience stores as criminals target tobacco products, which have become hugely expensive following tax hikes.

In New Zealand, a pack of cigarettes sells for an amount equal to the value of its weight in silver, yet such packs are sold in small, vulnerable shops.

The situation has become such that the police have launched a special fund to help small businesses increase security.

Associate health minister Jenny Salesa is on record as saying that the government had not had time fully to consider e-cigarettes.

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