New Remixed e-liquids have music vibe

New Remixed e-liquids have music vibe

August 25, 2016

Miami Lakes, Florida-based International Vapor Group (IVG) announced the addition of a new line of e-liquids called Remixed in its Motley Brew line.

The new brand will be available in three flavors and packaged in 30 ml child-proof bottles. The company said “Crumb DMC” is a tribute to classic hip hop; “The Drop” is inspired by lime cookies topped off with a blueberry reduction and vanilla a-la-mode; and “Bubble Pop” is a blend of ripe strawberries and kiwi with a masterful mixture of watermelon, lemon lime and bubble gum.MB

CEO Nick Molina said “Remixed flavors tap into the pulse of music as we know it, and were blended to capture the excitement of represented genres with great attention to detail”

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