New Juul pods coming

New Juul pods coming

July 16, 2018

Juul Labs plans to make 3 percent nicotine pods widely available to further support the company’s mission to provide existing adult smokers with “a true alternative” to cigarettes.

In the U.S., pods will be offered in 3 percent nicotine by weight, a 40 percent reduction from the company’s 5 percent nicotine by weight pods. They are expected to be available in limited quantity in August and widely available in October in mint and Virginia tobacco flavors.

According to Juul Labs, providing multiple nicotine-strength options allows smokers to choose the nicotine alternative that best works for them to help them switch and stay switched.

“Juul has enabled more than 1 million adult smokers to replace cigarettes, and we want to continue to offer meaningful options to adult smokers who want to end their relationship with combustible cigarettes,” said Juul Labs Chief Executive Officer Kevin Burns.

“Juul Labs wants to meet the needs and preferences of adult smokers who are on their journey to switching from cigarettes, and we hope the availability of different nicotine strengths will continue to allow adult smokers the ability to explore what is best for them.”

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