New group to verify liquid quality

New group to verify liquid quality

August 11, 2015

Richard Henning, president of e-liquid wholesaler Nicvape, has co-founded American E-liquid Manufacturing Standards (EMS), reports The Los Angeles Times. The EMS requires members to verify the accuracy of the nicotine content in their products, ensure the quality and safety of all ingredients, make e-liquids in sanitary conditions, and use childproof packaging.

Nicvape supplies about 675 retail locations across the U.S., but Henning worries that the anticipated Food and Drug Aminstration (FDA) regulations would put his companies out of business.

Greg Conley, president of the American Vaping Association, said FDA’s deeming regulations could eliminate up to 99 percent of the small players in the e-vapor industry because they would not have the financial resources to meet the FDA requirements.

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