New e-cig report imminent

New e-cig report imminent

January 19, 2018

The findings of a report into the public health effects of electronic-cigarette use in the US are due to be discussed during a public webinar next week.

According to a National Academies News press note, millions of US citizens use electronic nicotine delivery systems, which were described as a diverse group of devices such as ‘cig-a-likes’ and vape tank systems that produce an aerosol that users inhale via a mouthpiece.regulations-square

‘A new congressionally mandated report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine evaluates the available evidence of the short- and long-term health effects related to the use of e-cigarettes in users; vulnerable populations of users such as youth, pregnant women, and individuals with underlying medical conditions; and non-users exposed to second- and third-hand aerosol generated by use of these devices,’ the note said.

The report is said to contain dozens of conclusions in areas such as smoking initiation and cessation; the health effects of using e-cigarettes compared to those of smoking combustible tobacco cigarettes; and the health effects related to cancer, cardiovascular disease, and respiratory and oral diseases.

The note said that members of the committee that conducted the study and wrote the report will present their findings and recommendations, and answer questions during a public webinar beginning at 11.00 Eastern Standard Time on January 23.

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