Macau: vapor not alternative to smokes

Macau: vapor not alternative to smokes

June 28, 2016

The Macau Health Bureau has said that vapor and electronic cigarette products are not less harmful than are traditional cigarettes, and that electronic cigarettes should not be considered as an alternative to traditional cigarettes, according to a story in the Macau Business Daily.

The bureau was attempting to defended its proposed ban on local sales of electronic cigarettes that forms part of an amendment being made to Macau’s tobacco control law.

Lei Chin Iao, director of the bureau, was quoted as saying that the nicotine level of electronic cigarettes could be higher than that of conventional cigarettes.sign 3

He seemed to imply that the variety and changing nature of electronic cigarettes made it difficult for the bureau’s staff to keep tabs on these products’ contents.

And he was concerned that children might be able to obtain electronic cigarettes.

The amended bill, which is now being reviewed by the second permanent committee of the Legislative Assembly, suggests a blanket ban on electronic cigarette sales.

Meanwhile, the bill proposes also a smoking ban in the city’s casinos, which some analysts have estimated would shave another 10-15 per cent off Macau’s already pressured ‘VIP revenue’.

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