Jessen to keynote at UKVIA

Jessen to keynote at UKVIA

April 18, 2019

U.K. Television doctor Christian Jessen will give a keynote speech at the U.K. Vaping Industry Association’s (UKVIA) Vaping Industry Forum on May 9.

Jessen will share his views on how vaping can benefit public health by helping smokers quit. During April, Jessen is also fronting the UKVIA’s VApril campaign, the largest vaping consumer awareness campaign in the U.K.

“I am convinced that vaping offers a route to a smoke free society in the future,” said Jessen. “There are 3.2 million vapers in the country, the majority of whom have quit smoking. But there is a long way to go and we need the support of the healthcare community, pubs, employers and local councils to allow people the freedom to vape so it’s easier for [consumers] to break their smoking habits.

“My own profession needs to do much more. Only recently, new research showed that the majority of hospitals are not allowing vaping within their grounds despite guidance from Public Health England to do so. This seems surprising considering the bill to the NHS [National Health Service] will be considerably cut if more people switch from conventional cigarettes to vaping.”

More than 200 delegates are expected to converge on 4 Hamilton Place in Mayfair, London, on May 9.

The conference will cover the role of public health, marketing and regulations, among other topics. Speakers and panelists include Mark Pawsey MP, Jon Ungoed-Thomas of The Sunday Times, Sir Kevin Barron MP, Andy Tighe of the Beer and Pub Association, Chris Snowdon of the Institute for Economic Affairs, Caitlyn Notley of the University of East Anglia, John Lee of the Scottish Grocers Federation, Peter Vorster of Credit Suisse, Sairah Salim-Sartoni, head of switching at Juul, and Elise Rasmussen, publisher of Vapor Voice and executive director of the GTNF conference.

In celebration of VApril, discounted tickets are currently available. To book a place at the conference, please visit

 Vapor Voice is a media partner of the event.

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