If elections give you a fit of the vapors – try these

If elections give you a fit of the vapors – try these

April 7, 2015

Totally Wicked, which describes itself as Britain’s biggest independent e-cigarette and e-liquid company, has released a number of General Election E-liquids ahead of UK elections to be held on May 7.

The promotion is said to allow voters to register their political preference by choosing their favourite party political e-liquid.

“While everyone is following the official polls we thought we would launch a poll of our own to see how the UK’s 2.1 million vapers will vote,” said Totally Wicked MD Fraser Cropper.

“Our Election E-liquids put some fun into the election campaign and the e-liquid that achieves the highest sales will be elected as a permanent new flavour in our world famous Red Label range.

“We will be updating our poll daily so that everyone can see which political e-liquid is registering the most sales.”

There are e-liquids for the Conservative, Labour, Liberal, UKIP and Green parties.

For instance, the Labour Party’s e-liquid, [Ed] Miliband’s Rocky Road, is described as having a minty, fruity flavour, with a hint of pear drops that ‘will have you reminiscing about the Great British seaside and sand in places it shouldn’t go’.

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