Homeopathic liquid nicotine launched

Homeopathic liquid nicotine launched

July 23, 2014

The Aquitine Group has launched nationwide in the US Aqua-tine, which is described as a colorless, odorless homeopathic liquid nicotine formulation designed specifically to satisfy tobacco cravings.

According to a press not issued through PRNewswire, Aqua-tine is an alternative to traditional and electronic cigarettes, cigars and smokeless tobacco.

‘The product comes in airtight 2.4 ml individually sealed packets,’ the press note said. ‘The liquid contents of each Aqua-tine packet are mixed into a beverage of one’s choice and then consumed.’

The company said that up to two of the 2.4 ml packets could be consumed each hour, though it does not recommend using Aqua-tine with energy drinks or alcohol.

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