Government urged to act

Government urged to act

September 25, 2018

The Hong Kong-based consumer advocate is urging the Government to allow the sale of regulated vaping products. It says that consumers have the right to choose what they buy and use, according to a story at

Factasia backed its call on Tuesday with the results of a survey conducted by market researcher Ipsos. The survey showed that out of 1,000 smoking and non-smoking participants in Hong Kong, 65 percent said there should be tax and regulatory policies to help people switch from combustible cigarettes to alternative products, while ensuring those products were kept away from the young people.

Vaping devices seem to occupy a gray regulatory area in Hong Kong where the Government is considering its position in respect of these devices.

Heneage Mitchell, co-founder of Factasia, was quoted as saying that alternative products were less harmful than were combustible cigarettes.

“It should be a personal choice for people to use these products to improve their quality of life,” he said. “These products mimic smoking without causing the harmful effects.”

The survey found also that 60 percent of participants believed that if the consumption of a new product were scientifically proven to be potential less risky than smoking, adult smokers should have the right to access this information.

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