Fontem settles another e-vapor patents case

Fontem settles another e-vapor patents case

November 30, 2015

Imperial Tobacco’s Fontem Ventures, and CB Distributors and DR Distributors (CBD and DRD) have settled patent infringement litigation in the US, according to a PRNewswire story.

Fontem is the owner of the electronic cigarette brand blu, while CBD and DRD own and distribute the electronic cigarette brands 21st Century Smoke and Vapin Plus.

“The settlement ends another of eight patent infringement cases originally brought by Fontem Ventures and Fontem Holdings in March 2014 in the United States District Court for the Central District of California in relation to e-vapour technology,” the note said.

“Under the terms of the settlement, Fontem Ventures has granted CB Distributors, Inc. and DR Distributors LLC a non-exclusive royalty-bearing licence under the patents-in-suit and certain other e-vapour technology related US patents. The remaining settlement terms are confidential.”

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