E-cigarettes reduce need for quit-smoking program

E-cigarettes reduce need for quit-smoking program

August 7, 2015

A sharp decline in Scotland in the number of people using a National Health Service (NHS) support program to help them quit smoking has been linked to the rise in popularity of electronic cigarettes, according to a BBC Online story.

The Smoking Matters service in Dumfries and Galloway, for instance, helped 102 people in deprived areas quit smoking during the past year, but this was 251 below target.

And public health consultant Dr. Andrew Carnon said this trend was being mirrored across Scotland. Many people, he said, saw e-cigarettes as a stepping stone to stopping smoking.

Nationwide figures have shown a similar trend to those in the south west of Scotland.

Carnon said that though there was a lack of evidence about the effectiveness of electronic cigarettes, the NHS might have to review and adapt its smoking cessation service in the future.

However, he said he believed that there would always be a need for support services.

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