EAS launches Liquid Soul Vapor

EAS launches Liquid Soul Vapor

February 8, 2016

E-Alternative Solutions (EAS) is launching Liquid Soul Vapor, scheduled to ship to high-volume vapor locations starting next month.

After years of testing and fine-tuning the process to ensure both a quality and safe consumer experience, EAS is ready to bring its first major e-liquid to market. Liquid Soul Vapor is a premium, American-made liquid vapor brand developed with HydraVape Technology, a proprietary process that minimizes “vape tongue” while providing a liquid formula that can vaporize at all standard temperatures.

“Whether you’re a cigarette smoker looking for an alternative or a diehard vaper, you should be able to easily find the brand that suits you,” says Jacopo D’Alessandris, President of EAS. “But a lot of people who want to vape are confused by, or alienated from vaping by, the subculture that’s become synonymous with the market.

“We want Liquid Soul Vapor to be the brand consumers can trust with no reservations, and the brand of choice for all vapor retailers who want to develop a safe and profitable e-liquid business.”

Liquid Soul Vapor blends are made with ingredients free of known harmful substances such as diacetyl, acetyl propionyl and acetoin. All packaging is tamper evident and all bottles are certified child resistant.

EAS will provide retail partners with full-service brand support including traditional and digital media programs, adult consumer education and engagement activities, as well as in-store support with customized POP and merchandising systems.

EAS will also bring category management practices to its retail partners to help them maximize profit and efficient inventory management.

“Our retailer partners will benefit from our modern category management strategies to help consumers navigate the different brands and nicotine levels,” says D’Alessandris. “The EAS team has the experience to work with vapor outlets to help them better understand their shoppers’ behaviors and optimize their product assortment to make the most profitable use of their retail space.”

Based in Darien, Connecticut, USA, EAS is a sister company of Swisher International.


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