Disposable e-liquids only for retail sale

Disposable e-liquids only for retail sale

October 22, 2014

US-based LOGIC Technology is preparing to launch its LOGIC PRO Advanced Vapor Systems: what it describes as ‘the first-of-its-kind “closed-system” vaporizing device ever to hit the market’.

The new systems are said to ‘work in conjunction with revolutionary pre-filled, sealed eliquid capsules to provide a heightened level of taste, consistency and value to adult consumers’.

‘Building on a long history of premium and innovative product development, LOGIC Technology designed the LOGIC PRO to work with specialized, proprietary disposable capsules that are only available for purchase at LOGIC’s partner retailers; this not only allows retailers to recapture and maintain sales, it also enhances the vaping experience for the adult consumer,’ the company said in a press note.

‘Beyond providing consistent quality taste, these sealed eliquid capsules don’t produce the messy and costly spillage associated with traditional drip eliquid.’

The new systems are due to be made available in retail outlets by the winter. “We are thrilled to bring a product to market that fills the need of our adult consumers,” said Miguel Martin, president of LOGIC Technology.

“With the amount of money that is lost by retailers from online eliquid sales, we are pleased to offer our retailers and partners a piece of that market share.”

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