Calumet releases white paper on vapor

Calumet releases white paper on vapor

July 7, 2016

Ron Tully, Calumet Advisors

Calumet Advisors, a strategic consulting group dedicated to smoking alternatives and the vaping segment, announced the publication of a new white paper that explores patents and inventions that have either contributed significantly to the evolution of vaping technology as we know it today, or hold promise for significant impact in the future.

The white paper is intended for financial analysts, investors, entrepreneurs and innovators interested in the vaping industry.

“This review is significant as it presents the first comprehensive overview of the technology and innovation that has supported the growth of the vape segment to-date,” adds Ron Tully, founder of TNV Ventures and co-founder of Calumet Advisors. “It prompts the industry and investors to focus more heavily on solidifying the science and engineering around e-liquids and devices, with the core objective of helping smokers move to less harmful forms of nicotine and tobacco consumption.”

Titled “Vaping Technology Development,” the white paper provides an in-depth analysis of the evolution of vaping technologies. It covers milestone inventions that gave rise to today’s two-piece design with a cartridge and an atomizer integrated in a single unit.

The paper provides insights into the breakthroughs and shortcomings of these technologies to encourage the industry to look beyond obvious limitations of recent inventions in order to understand the overall dynamics of vaping technology innovation.

In addition, the paper reviews several dozens of inventions that have been released within the last two years. Following a broad patent search, Calumet Advisors’ research team selected the featured inventions based on the potential they offer to the industry’s future.

“Investment in innovation is likely to be one of the first casualties in the wake of FDA Deeming Regulation,” said Givi Topchishvili, president of the 9.8 Group and a co-founder of Calumet Advisors. “This work, the first in a series we have prepared, will serve as a guide to both investors and innovators in identifying technological opportunities in the vaping sector, which we believe are still abound.”

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