Avail Pledges to help smokers switch

Avail Pledges to help smokers switch

January 16, 2018

While millions of smokers around the world make New Year’s resolutions in 2018, Avail Vapor is making its own pledge – to help turn these resolutions into reality.

For years, countless smokers have successfully made the transition away from smoking by switching to vaping. With this in mind, Avail—the largest retailer and manufacturer of e-liquid products in the United States—has decided to relaunch its “Trash Your Pack” program, which aims to make switching simple and painless for those hoping to transition away from traditional tobacco products.

James Xu, CEO and co-founder of Avail, said he knows first-hand how effective vaping can be to those who are looking to switch and looks forward to helping smokers through the Trash Your Pack program.

“I started Avail Vapor because of my wife’s desire to give up smoking,” Xu said. “Making the decision to trash her pack helped lead to a much cleaner lifestyle. I saw the wonders that transitioning vaping can do firsthand, and I want to pass that on to as many people as I can.”

Anyone looking to make the switch is encouraged to stop by any of Avail’s more-than-100 locations, where they can symbolically trash their pack by crunching it up and disposing of it in a specially-designed tube displaying all the discarded packs. After their pack is trashed, they are offered step-by-step assistance, as well as discounts on starter kits and e-liquids, as they pick out their new vape and pledge to make the transition from traditional tobacco products.

Benefits of making the switch gained national attention in 2017. According to reports, the U.S. government proposed cutting nicotine in cigarettes to “non-addictive” levels in a major regulatory shift designed to move smokers toward potentially less harmful e-cigarettes.

“Nicotine itself is not responsible for the cancer, the lung disease and heart disease that kill hundreds of thousands of Americans each year,” FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said in news reports earlier this year. “It’s the other chemical compounds in tobacco and in the smoke created by setting tobacco on fire that directly cause illness and death.”

Avail’s Trash Your Pack program, which first launched at the company’s inception, has already helped thousands of former smokers kick traditional tobacco products to the curb.

“No cigarettes since I trashed them,” said Cari Yates, an Avail customer from Southaven, Mississippi. “Thanks Avail Vapor for listening and setting me up for success!”

In addition to Trash Your Pack, Avail is releasing a special, limited-release e-liquid called “The Resolution.” An ode to those looking to ring in the new year by making the move to the world of vaping, The Resolution features “a crisp highlight of champagne with a delicious backdrop of freshly-squeezed orange juice.”

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