Automating e-cigarettes out of China

Automating e-cigarettes out of China

February 13, 2014

Freedom Smokeless has unveiled its new, U.S.-built, high-speed e-cigarette automation machinery at the TPC [Tobacco Plus Convenience Expo] 2014 show in Las Vegas.

In a press note issued yesterday through PRNewswire, Freedom, which is an e-cigarette manufacturer based in southern California, said that it was the first U.S.-based company to offer automatic machinery that could provide for affordable cartridge filling, e-cigarette assembly and packaging.

The machinery was designed “to bridge the gap from China to America,” it said.

The first of six machines had been installed in Freedom’s FDA-registered, ISO- and GMP-compliant facilities, the press note said.

By May, all six automated lines would be up and running with the capacity of producing more than 4 million units a week.

“The response at the recent TPC show was overwhelming,” said Glenn Kassel, Freedom’s president and co-founder.

“When watching the video of our automated production, people were amazed that we had developed such sophisticated technology, especially our built-in quality assurance features.”

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