Another day, another panic

Another day, another panic

June 14, 2018

Hong Kong needs to strengthen its regulatory and legislative framework quickly to control and regulate electronic cigarettes better, according to a story in The China Daily quoting the health secretary of the Hong Kong government.

“We are very concerned about the existence of e-cigarettes,” the Secretary for Food and Health Sophia Chan was said to have told media representatives after a meeting at the Legislative Council (LegCo).

“According to international studies and some of the testing of e-cigarette samples in Hong Kong, we have discovered that many of these constituents in electronic cigarettes are harmful to health.

“So, we need to quickly strengthen our regulatory framework and legislative framework in order to better control and also regulate e-cigarettes.”

Chan said the government had submitted to the LegCo a proposal about strengthening e-cigarette regulation and that a tax on these products would be considered.

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