AEMSA to expand membership catagories

AEMSA to expand membership catagories

October 30, 2017

The American E-Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association (AEMSA) voted to expand the organization’s membership categories during a recent meeting. In addition to e-liquid manufacturing businesses, AEMSA will now allow liquid component and hardware manufacturers, as well as vapor products distributors and retailers to join, according to a press note. The separate sectors will develop sector-specific standards to ensure good manufacturing practices, ingredient quality control and consumer safety, according to the release.

“AEMSA was created to ensure that the e-liquids consumers vape are manufactured in a professional, responsible manner with inspections and certifications to provide consumers with confidence that our members’ products are manufactured with quality, accuracy, safety, and verifiable standards.” AEMSA president Scott Eley stated. “The vast majority of our suppliers and customers have the same business mindset.  It’s time that the industry adopts standards across-the-board and demonstrates that we all adhere to them. Consumers deserve that.”

Mike Runshe, founder and owner of Giant Vapes, an online vapor retailer, recently accepted an invitation to serve as an AEMSA subject matter expert to help organize the organization’s Retail Operations Membership category. “With the recent changes AEMSA is making, they are positioning themselves to evolve with the industry, grow with the industry, and improve industry standards across not only the e-liquid manufacturing space, but all facets of the vapor industry.  I’m excited to get involved on the ground floor and help them drive this growth and evolution” Runshe stated in the release.

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