A staple starter kit

A staple starter kit

November 24, 2016

The Joyetech eGo AIO

By Mike Huml

Joyetech has done it again. By simplifying some trendy new features currently dominating the vapor market, Joyetech has succeeded in creating the all-around best starter kit for new users. The AIO, or “All-In-One,” incorporates a battery and a tank into a single easy-to-use device. From the fit and finish to the performance, one would be hard-pressed to find a more ideal kit for a wide range of new customers.

Joyetech has taken its wildly popular Cubis tank and modified it into a hybrid device atop a 1,500mAh battery. While the idea seems like an obvious application, whether by intention or happy accident, these two pair perfectly. The Cubis is revered for being “leakproof,” and while that may be an exaggeration for the sake of marketing, it’s only slightly so. The only feasible way to make a Cubis (or the AIO, for that matter) leak is to overfill it. Due to the unique cup design of the glass tank, the only place for liquid to escape is through the top. So while the term leakproof may only be 99 percent accurate, it’s far from being false. Knowing this, the largest benefit of the AIO becomes clear. Nothing stops a new user from pursuing vaping faster than a leaky tank, and the AIO solves this problem better than any other device on the market. Leak resistance is, by a large margin, the best reason to carry this starter kit because it’s more likely to satisfy a new user with minimal growing pains. Luckily, the performance, price point and versatility of the AIO only add to its value.

Out of all the starter kits designed to mimic the experience of smoking, the AIO comes the closest. While the device is compatible with any of Joyetech’s BF coils, the manufacturer recommends only using the 0.6-ohm stainless steel variety, as this one was designed specifically for the AIO. When using this coil, the user is able to use the device in a way similar to a cigarette, with sharper and faster drags that provide a warm vape with bold flavor. For the best results, the user will want to hold the firing button down until the crackle of the coil can be heard before taking a drag. This will most closely replicate the smoking sensation. However, if a customer isn’t satisfied with the experience, a store owner has a perfect opportunity to show off the value of his or her customer service by experimenting with some of the Cubis’ other BF coils in order to modify the vape to the customer’s liking. Unlike some other starter kits, the AIO outputs an unregulated 3.7 volts, which allows for more options and therefore gives the potential to appeal to more users.

While the AIO does offer adjustable airflow, this feature is undoubtedly its weakest point. Airflow is adjusted by rotating the top cap of the tank, with the two indentations lining up to signify open airflow and a 90-degree offset representing tight airflow. However, there is very little difference between the two extremes. On one hand, the airy draw is a significant factor as to why the 0.6-ohm coil works so well, and why sharp mouth-to-lung drags actually produce an impressive amount of vapor without an unreasonably sharp throat hit. It also gives the user the opportunity to try lung hitting, once again providing options that appeal to a wider range of vapers. However, there is a risk of the AIO living in that no man’s land of awkward airflow where it’s just too airy for mouth-to-lung and too tight for lung-hitting. That being said, a new user with no point of reference may not even realize that this is an issue. If he or she does, it’s important that a store employee is aware of this potential problem area in order to address it, particularly if the new user isn’t able to verbalize what he or she is experiencing. For the most part, this isn’t expected to be a widespread complaint, but it’s worth noting for the simple fact that it may be the only complaint that a store owner may come across.

Additionally, the AIO is childproof. Again, this is mostly marketing jargon, as nothing is truly childproof, but it is childproof in the traditional sense: The user must push down and twist the top of the tank in order to open it. So while this feature will most likely discourage a child from opening the tank and drinking the liquid, there’s still nothing to keep one from pressing the button and firing the atomizer, above and beyond the five-click on/off feature that comes standard on the majority of vaporizers. Nonetheless, the child-resistant design may be a selling point for anyone worried about children getting a hold of his or her device.

Usage of the AIO is as simple as it gets. Unscrewing the child-resistant cap will allow the user to both fill the tank and replace the coil. The coil will be removed along with the top cap, and replacement is as easy as unscrewing it from the top and installing a fresh one. As with any tank, about five minutes of rest time is sufficient to ensure that the e-liquid has saturated the wick. Filling the tank involves only pouring, squirting or dripping liquid into the cup until it reaches the fill line. Depending on the color chosen for the AIO, the fill line may be a fill line proper or where the secondary color of the device sweeps up and meets the primary color. Either way, the AIO stores 2 mL of liquid, which is adequate for a starter kit. An LED illuminates the reservoir from the bottom, not only adding a personal touch to the style of the device but also making it easier to see how much liquid is in the tank. The refracting light creates a subtle glow but also a sharp line where the liquid meets the air pocket at the top of the reservoir. In addition, the color of this light can be selected (or turned off) by holding the firing button down while the device is turned off. When it lights up, press the button until the color changes and repeat until the desired color is shown. When firing, the LED will illuminate, then turn off when firing has ceased, then illuminate briefly to indicate battery life before fading out again. While not 100 percent necessary, the LED is a nice touch that goes beyond aesthetics to add some functionality.

The eGo AIO will come with an additional 0.6-ohm BF replacement coil, a micro-USB charging cable, a user manual and a mouthpiece. The mouthpiece features an internal spiral design that eliminates spitback without restricting airflow. The USB port is located on the side of the device, allowing it to be set down upright while charging. In addition, the AIO can be used while charging, perfect for heavier users that can’t make a 1,500mAh battery last a full day. It’s a minimalistic package that comes with exactly what is needed, nothing more or less. The only additional purchase required is e-liquid, and with the price point of the AIO being extremely reasonable, this shouldn’t be an issue for any customer.

Retail prices hover around the $20 range, making the AIO one of the best starter kits to date in terms of performance, features and value. Joyetech once again pushes the envelope of eGo technology by offering its users not only color choices but coil options, a customizable LED and adjustable airflow for varying vape styles. If that wasn’t impressive enough, the AIO accomplishes this with stunning simplicity, an unbeatable price point and first-to-market features like leak resistance and child-resistant design. The Joyetech eGo AIO would be worth consideration if it were double the price. As it stands currently, picking up this kit is a no-brainer.

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